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we cannot reply to every email but your feedback is valued and will help us to improve future versions of biophilia. the following faq has been developed based on user feedback gathered since biophilia was launched. please check to see if your question is answered here before contacting app support

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björk biophilia app faq
q. what is the 'special offer' for users who have purchased singles, but not the full app?
a. on december 19, in appreciation to users who previously bought singles before the full app was released, we are discounting the full app album purchase for one day only. please go into the app and touch 'buy all apps" to take advantage of the discount.

q. how do i restore purchases? / my purchase of ____ is gone, how do i get it back?
a. method 1: press the "restore purchases" button at the bottom of the 2d biophilia menu, which can be reached by touching the compass icon. it will restore all your in-app purchases.

method 2: click on any item you have already purchased to "buy" it again. as long as you are using the same itunes account, apple will recognize that you have purchased the item already and download it for free.

q. i'm experiencing problems on my iphone 3g. why is this?
a. biophilia is optimized for the iphone 4, and ipad however, we worked hard to make sure it also works on the iphone 3gs to reach the largest audience of björk's fans. you will notice reduced frame-rates and performance when using an iphone 3gs.

q. i've experienced bugs / crashes using biophilia..
a. we appreciate all bug reports and plan to address them in subsequent releases. please email us specific instructions on how to reproduce your bug including the device and os version you use in order for us to be able to fix it. most crashes are due to memory issues, because biophilia is a sophisticated app. most crashes can be eliminated by restarting your ios device.

q. can i restore my purchase on another device?
a. to restore your purchases on another device: 1. make sure you are signed into that device with the same app id you originally bought your in-app purchases. 2. press the "restore purchases" button at the bottom of the 2d biophilia menu, which can be reached by touching the compass on the 3d galaxy page. 3. alternately, you can press the link to purchase the specific item again, and apple's servers will respond that you have already purchased this item and ask if you'd like to download it again without charge.

q. can i get biophilia on my computer?
a. we have not announced versions of biophilia for other platforms at this time.

q. i'm struggling to purchase a biophilia app..
a. sometimes there are delays with in-app purchases depending on your network connection.

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